vaccine against Hepatitis B

Our office works on the highest level of quality, we're not just applying travel related vaccinations but preventive vaccines too.

Two registered vaccinations can be received in Hungary.

Primary vaccination in case of both vaccinations consists of 3 doses both for children and adults, but between the age of 11-15 years 2 doses are sufficient from the dose of an adult. In case of healthy people (with an appropriate vaccination scheme) no re-vaccination is needed.

The second vaccination has to be given 1 month after the first one, and the third one 6-12 months after the first. If there is only 1 month left before the time of travel for getting the hepatitis vaccinations, they can be obtained with a 0-7-21 day time schedule above the age of 18, but in this case a re-vaccination is needed in 12 months.

The vaccination can also be used simultaneously with other immunizations.

For whom should it be considered?

  • Those who are especially endangered due to their sexual habits, behaviors, or way of living
  • Those who change their sexual partners frequently
  • Prostitutes
  • Those who suffer from recurring venereal diseases
  • Homosexuals
  • Intravenous drug users
  • Bleeders
  • People receiving dialysis
  • People suffering from chronic liver disease
  • Medical workers
  • People carrying chronic hepatitis C virus
  • Soldiers
  • People who get in touch with an infected person
  • People travelling to and spending more time in foreign countries where the presence of Hepatitis B virus is significant.
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How long is the protection period?

In case of having the total vaccination series (3 doses), the vaccination protects during lifetime, no re-vaccination is needed.

When is it contraindicated?

  • In case of severe allergic symptoms after receiving the first dose of Hepatitis B.
  • In case of any other ongoing severe acute illness
  • In case it’s known that someone is allergic to any component of the vaccination

Our office works on the highest level of quality, we're not just applying travel related vaccinations but preventive vaccines too.

Because of the special vaccinations, we give detailed counselling by our professional doctors. Please reserve an appointment or call us!

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