Our office works on the highest level of quality, we're not just applying travel related vaccinations but preventive vaccines too.

Vaccinations to prevent the possible danger of sickness

Consultation in connection with the diseases that can be prevented by immunization (consultation, making of an immunization plan and its implementation)

Vaccinations in connection with different fields of jobs, offered for companies

Defining the necessary vaccinations related to certain fields of jobs offered for companies (making of a vaccination plan and its implementation in practice)

Vaccinations related to international travels

Preparing a tailor-made vaccination plan in connection with international travels, taking into consideration age, former vaccinations, the destination and the nature of the client’s visit,

Travel consultation

Special consultation concerning the travel: (malaria prophylaxis, change of altitude, protection of the venous circulation during travel)

Medical package for travellers

Determination of the necessary vaccinations important for the future baby and mother when planning a family

General counselling

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