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Die Weltgesundheitsorganisationen veröffentlichen jedes Jahr die Internationale Gesundheitsverordnung, die Richtlinien und Empfehlungen zu Krankheiten, Regionen und Impfstoffen enthält

Our work is based on that document, also, we work togethetr with the CDC (Centers for Diseases Control and Prevention) and the National Center for Epidemiology.


More than 130 known types of HPV exist. The vaccination against HPV gives protection against the most dangerous ones.



Influenza is a disease caused by a virus. This pathogen is very special, because it is able to change its structure continuously and rapidly.



Tetanus is caused by a wound getting infected by clostridium tetani bacterium. The spores of the bacterium remain in soil, dust for years, they resist against heat, drought, chemical material and sunlight.


Our office works on the highest level of quality, we're not just applying travel related vaccinations but preventive vaccines too.

Because of the special vaccinations, we give detailed counselling by our professional doctors. Please reserve an appointment or call us!

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Tick-borne encephalitis

It is suggested that the vaccination process should start or finish (the first 2 doses in any case) before spring time (before the period of the ticks starts) i.e. in winter, when there is no risk of infection.


For travel


Two vaccines are available to prevent varicella. Both vaccines are lyophilized preparations containing live attenuated viruses.


For travel


In case of possible infection, the emergence of the disease can be prevented by a vaccination started on time (post-exposure prophylaxis).


Pneumococcal disease

The vaccination serves for preventing the pneumonia caused by the pneumococcal bacterium (Streptococcus pneumoniae), spread by droplet infection. More than 80 types of bacteria are known and spread worldwide.