vaccine against Gamma-globulin

Our office works on the highest level of quality, we're not just applying travel related vaccinations but preventive vaccines too.

What is gamma globulin?

A group of proteins of human blood serum – nowadays produced artificially – which contains the antibodies produced by human body for its protection.

For whom should it be considered?

  • For protecting people in the possible danger of hepatitis A infection
  • Children under 15 months who have not been vaccinated yet and are in the possible risk of measles infection; people who have not received and have not been vaccinated against measles disease yet
  • Pregnant women in the first trimester, in the risk of the infection of rubella disease, for giving a certain protection
  • For boosting the level of protection in a weakened condition; and for protecting patients receiving treatments that weaken the immune system
  • For treatments: in case of infections that do not respond well to therapeutics with antibiotics; in case of patients with the lack of gamma globulin as substitute treatment
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Wir beraten die Impfung.

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When is it contraindicated?

  • In case of hypersensitivity against products containing immune globulin or against any other components of the injection
  • In case of severe decrease of the number of platelets or in case of disturbance of blood flow, congestion

Side effects

  • Fever, chills, fall of blood pressure, headache, nauseas, vomiting, joint pain, slight or moderate backache may occur
  • Other symptoms may happen at the place of the infection such as local redness, swelling, warm feeling, itching and rash
  • In some cases sudden fall of blood pressure and shock may also occur

Our office works on the highest level of quality, we're not just applying travel related vaccinations but preventive vaccines too.

Because of the special vaccinations, we give detailed counselling by our professional doctors. Please reserve an appointment or call us!

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Tetanus is caused by a wound getting infected by clostridium tetani bacterium. The spores of the bacterium remain in soil, dust for years, they resist against heat, drought, chemical material and sunlight.


Hepatitis A

In Hungary 3 immunizations have been registered that contain deactivated virus cells against Hepatitis A.



In case of possible infection, the emergence of the disease can be prevented by a vaccination started on time (post-exposure prophylaxis).


Yellow fever

A certificate proving vaccination against yellow fever is needed in case of entering various countries. The immunization against yellow fever is the only obligatory vaccination, the certificate of which can be requested upon entering and leaving certain, infected countries.